Project Bhukasur

The SLA III course revolved around learning how to implement a successful marketing strategy.
THE BRIEF: A group of 5 members were suppose to decide an event and market it to the whole community.

“Bhukhasur” in Hindi is a playful combination of two words “bhukha” and “asura” means a demon that is always hungry.

“Bhukhasur” in Hindi is a playful combination of two words “bhukha” and “asura” means a demon that is always hungry.

Our team picked up the topic of avoiding food wastage, and the audience of our interest was NID Gandhinagar residents. Since, all the students and faculty in the campus does not exceed 300 individuals, the quality of food remains quite good all the year long. Until recently!

The situation might seem very simple. Just take a survey and present the report to the catering team. But here’s the twist: Even though there was a feedback book kept in the mess premises, the pages remained empty. Upon 1-to-1 interviews, we discovered that the placement of this book was very close to the catering staff which made the feedback experience a very awkward experience for all.

Since there weren’t any feedbacks, there was no change in the menu. Luckily we thought to use the power of social media to solve this problem. We used Instagram, a platform where everyone in the campus had an account and used its story feature.

Our friends and I create a temporary Instagram page titled ‘Bhukhasur’ and shared the menu of the day with all the campus inhabitants. There were polls, reviews and daily post discouraging people to waste food.


The results were spectacular. On day 1, people started voting and commenting on the food privately through there Instagram accounts which allowed the catering people to receive honest feedback and make changes in the menu. All it required was a changing the channel of feedback and keeping user identity protected!