One is not a number!

Some of the most profound philosophies change the way we see the world or rather count it. They can shed light on something as fundamental as elementary school concepts. They inspire us to contest these ‘given’ facts under a logical framework, question them and understand them better. This is the basis of any scientific approach.

A lot of my friends, even now, question the purpose of learning algebra and geometry in high school. They quickly come to the conclusion that learning advanced mathematics is irrelevant and find the topics purposeless. Many of them detest it; they grow fundamentally weak in those subjects and hence can’t see through the concept beyond their immediate application. But if you ask an architect, he/she will be able to tell you the applications of trigonometry in building plans, a computer programmer will appreciate the usefulness of Fourier transformations and believe it or not most of the compression algorithms (that let you video call and play online games) use very nuanced mathematical models.

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